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Soccer Shoes Adidas adizero 99g

Posted by admin 01/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

Limit the weight of soccer shoes to the lightweight, Adidas launched the world's first 100 grams or less of soccer shoes Adizero 99g, breaking numerous records in the field. "Speed" has been the focus of football shoe design, each brand are looking for the lightest weight to achieve the highest performance, are now Adidas proudly announced to the world, their soccer shoes work successfully exceeded 100 grams limit. 99 g of soccer shoes in my hand is what kind of feeling? The vast majority of us who do not have this concept, but I want to remind you that an iPhone 6 weight is 129 grams. Adidas is how to do it? Good question, they will monolayer woven polyester mesh uppers and outsole polyamide only 1 millimeter thick binding, in addition to the traditional midsole, and even wrapped heel cup cut away part of the most the most simple way to achieve the effect of light. There is no one currently on the market can be compared with football shoes adizero 99g, meaning of its existence has been much greater than the soccer shoes itself, but to lead the trend of the future development of this area.