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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

Posted by admin 02/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Running Shoes,

Before did not get Pegasus 32, I imagined on it you can see a lot of change, design, shoe, fly line and soles, as Pegasus cut version 31, Pegasus 32 should also have these upgrades. However, the result was slightly disappointed me, Pegasus 32 biggest change occurred in the upper design, upper material or whether it is dynamic fly line designed to subvert the influence of Pegasus series in my mind, it can be considered once suspected Pegasus series so!

However, when you see 32 Pegasus soles of the time, or the same formula the same taste, the sole similarity with the previous generation of the Zoom Pegasus 32 close of 99.99%, is perhaps the sole design of previous generations is now sufficient to meet the buffer and runners the pursuit of speed. Before the new sole design requirements and developed, Pegasus 32 using the same sole design, also did nothing wrong. Nike has been very psychological care color control value, so walking Nike Pegasus 32 is commonly used in commuter train + + design competition three-pronged approach, under no matter what the environment was wearing Pegasus 32 appears not make people feel awkward. For some people, the pursuit of brand value, big check mark on the insole and heel NIKE logo on both sides of the reason may be the most able to attract him to start.

Compared to those old traditional running shoe brand, Pegasus 32 color enough to let them learn on for a long time, and this double purple, fluorescent green with black color should make a lot of girls love eye eyes turned right. Plus, Nike also hateful Nike ID customized service that allows Pegasus 32 into any color you like, of those who are undecided, there should be no reason to be refused.

However, Pegasus 32 design is still quite in line with the requirements of the speed-type shoes, the whole shoe as a streamlined design and forefoot flow line compared to Pegasus 31 upturned more obvious. And Pegasus heel height 32 is 31.5mm, forefoot height of only 21.9mm, the height difference around the palm much 9.6mm, apparent around the palm transition to more quickly design easier and more comfortable way, which is the current pursuit of zero elevation running shoes. " contrary "approach, for those who enjoy the speed of the runner is simply uplifting.