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Max: Smart new technology recycling exposed pad

Posted by admin 22/06/2016 0 Comment(s)


In 1987, a revolution began. Inspired idea of ​​this revolution is the shoe midsole foam cushion material instead substituted so that the weight of the shoe lighter and last longer. This concept combined with Tinker Hatfield (Tinker Hatfield) professional perspective created a Nike Air Max first product --Air Max 1 (87). However, innovation does not stop there. Over the years, Nike Air Max innovation and technology continue to converge new version, after the introduction of its visibility cushion design video - the new Nike Air Max remodeling make debut, adjourned Classic Media Source: Sina Sports (Visible Air) featuring Nike Air Max series made full preparations. From leather, synthetic upper to the whole palm cushion, Nike Air Max is not just a pair of shoes, it has become a cultural symbol.

After 25 years, Nike Air Max gradually beyond its basic role as a professional running shoes, walked into the street from the runway, into the community, as the ultimate symbol of self-expression, passing people dream of unique beauty. Nike Air Max 1 using the most sophisticated, cutting-edge science and technology, and constantly improve and upgrade reopened the legendary series of Nike Air shoes. Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 95, Nike Air Max 97 quickly throughout California and Japan and other markets.

Nike Air Max has quickly become a hot topic in the news and a symbol of self-expression, and it permeates all kinds of live music and activities for young people and become synonymous with their birth year. Nike Air Max 1,90,95 and 97 have become classics, based solely on their name can be inferred time to market, without other information.

In early 2013, Nike has once again ignited the revolution. Nike Air Max series using the most cutting-edge technology, through a variety of innovative and remodeling, into new elements. By using adaptable Engineered Mesh mesh upper, Nike Air Max 1,90,95 and 97 without losing its iconic appearance at the same time, to reduce the weight and increase breathability. Meanwhile, the latest Nike Air Max + 2013 running shoes, Nike Air Max became the newest member of the family. The new series of running shoes to maintain this traditional aesthetic movement style, and to achieve a comprehensive update on the performance: full charge of air is more flexible than ever lighter tough, Nike Hyperfuse upper to reduce the weight and increase the permeability, Nike Dynamic Flywire (dynamic fly line technology) to improve the stability, security guarantee runners foot.

If you are within a normal gait mild varus or (underpronated to neutral gait) runners, looking for one pair of running shoes with excellent control over the way, it can help you foot from heel to toe off the complete process have come to realize great comfort and cushioning, the Air Max + 2013 must be your best choice.

Nike Air Max as a mass favorite running shoes in the spring to upgrade again. In addition to the continuation of the previous light within comfortable boots and Nike Hyperfuse technology has to offer, breathability, durability and a seamless fit feeling, but also into the vamp super lightweight and breathable mesh

Nike Running the latest dynamic fly line technology, to bring you a comfortable wearing experience dynamic fit. The biggest highlight is the use running shoes new Max Air cushion devices, a tubular geometry is designed to enhance the flexibility of the forefoot, bringing more soft, comfortable foot feeling, while improving the cushioning protection. Max Air cushion device in the production process to reduce the use of plastic, thus greatly reducing the weight, 10 yards men's weight 13.5 ounces.

Hyperfuse upper with advanced hot-melt technology, vamp than traditional suture structure made of more sturdy, lightweight, achieve unmatched lightweight, tough, breathable fit and seamless effect.
Mesh lined wrap the whole foot, increased comfort and breathability, the grooves on both sides make it easier to wear off.
Flywire technology significantly reduces the weight of the shoe body, and provides a custom-like as adjustable by lacing system; Flywire technology wrapped in the foot and arch, there is provided a sense of dynamic fit of the glove.
Ultra-lightweight, open grid design upper provides excellent breathability, provide you with the required supportive.
Seamless upper cleverly set covering technology provides seamless comfort, and improved supportive.
Followed by mold can reduce the sliding collar and heel, creating the ideal shape and fit feeling.
Fitsole foot insole in accordance with ergonomic design provides comfort and foot support force.
Reflective material used to make the shoes still clearly visible in low light conditions.