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LUNARECLIPSE + 2 Running Shoes

Posted by admin 30/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Nike Running Shoes,

Running belong to aerobic exercise, especially leg and foot movement for higher performance requirements, select the perfect fit foot shoes even more critical. Spring 2012, Nike running shoes through LUNARECLIPSE + 2 interpretation of the perfect fit (DynamicFit) concept.

"Second Skin" is the Nike designers and researchers in terminology describing their latest ideas "perfect fit (Dynamic Fit)" when. After Nike Sports Research Lab creative kitchen and well-built, "a perfect fit (Dynamic Fit)" technology allows the gap between the feet and shoes gone, provide unparalleled comfort for a variety of foot sizes and ran.

To embodied the concept of this new technology, Nike teamed world-renowned makeup artist, body painting teacher Gail Joanne (Joanne Gair), from an artistic mind to explain this concept. Joanne's passion and attention to detail, perfect presents for Nike relentless pursuit of each technology and design. 30 years, Joanne as industry leaders continue to pursue the perfect performance of each piece through her Nike LUNARECLIPSE + 2 on the interpretation of the human body, highlighting the fit of this technology.

Perfect fit (Dynamic Fit) technology uses a soft material, like fingers wrapped osteotomy, and can be bent to achieve glove-like fit. Runners can achieve a sense for individual fit by adjusting laces.