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KD 8 basketball shoe features

Posted by admin 22/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Basketball Shoes,

From ZK4 start, NIKE basketball shoes home a lot more shape closer to running shoes, low to help light and flexible. On the one hand it is due to the development of basketball skill and tactics, especially Bryant as the player representative for shoes made new demands, on the other hand the progress of science and technology also ensures shoes such innovations can be achieved, and should not lose its stability and protection. Plus Leo Chang this mad scientist obsessed, Durant directly to the 7-footer also pull down the water, and now the KD 8 series have become the "basketball run" masterpiece.

This pair of bright red KD8 V8, inspired by the 2010 Durant custom bike Kemai Luo sports car, car eye-catching red matte V8 sports car with the speed and power to attract the Durant, but also " 35 players, "a symbol of fortitude. Behind the story presented not only the color, in fact, this car is the six-time All-Star for one of your greatest investment, it constantly reminds Durant, persistent efforts will eventually pay off.

And my personal view, this is obviously the star of the show one pair of shoes, bags or less inconsistent with Du's personal qualities, but on the court, this is definitely the most dazzling touch of red lightning. And according to the masses, to the shape of the shoe with a casual dress is much much more than basketball vest with wide shorts to pretty much. ZOOM already a veteran, but like Duncan outperformed the time and his support has been changing the Spurs, constantly fine-tuning upgrade zoom technology available today is still the most reliable cushioning technology. Use the whole palm zoom KD8 I am quite satisfied, not particularly amazing, but like a good wife at home: sensible, good for me. "

Feet in motion bending to tie, KD8 first targeted to join groove design in the forefoot Zoom Air heel cushion and at the minor upgrade brings more responsive and detailed feedback and excellent sense of space, appropriate the adjustment of the zoom hardness, the kind of deep sense of depression in the past no longer exist, cushioning feel more solid, reply quickly, foot feeling at ease.

But in the end did not carry any anti-reverse system is still a big risk, although not to any turnover soles, zoom is also firmly sandwich wrapped outsole and phylon in, but the point is always like a volcano, I do not know the day eruption.