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God of Heaven Mizuno Wave Tenjin Running Shoes

Posted by admin 26/09/2016 0 Comment(s) Mizuno Shoes,


Mizuno and Lamborghini officially launched the first limited edition shoes for bilateral cooperation Mizuno Wave Tenjin, meaning "God of Heaven" (god)!

Sports car brand and brand cooperation is by no means the first day of business, learn from each other in the end the two sides can not tell who is who helped in organizing this year's Geneva Motor Show in March Mizuno and Lamborghini officially launched the first cooperation limited edition shoes Mizuno Wave Tenjin, meaning "God of Heaven" (god).

Back in August 2014, Stephan Winkelmann, president of Lamborghini, like most successful entrepreneurs is interested in sports, especially running man, at a private meeting he complained to his friend, "I have my own Lamborghini sports car , but he did not own Lamborghini running shoes. " A few years ago he had hoped to launch Lamborghini and NIKE running shoes, but in the end with a restricted for various reasons nothing.

Stephan own Lamborghini has been obsessed with shoes, until I met Mizuno, the talks went smoothly, bilateral cooperation will soon be finalized down, and signed a five-year contract, and in addition to running shoes, the two sides will Release version sportswear cooperation in the future.

Mizuno Wave Tenjin as the cooperation launched the first limited edition shoes is a partnership to test the water is also time to change the stereotype of the attempt, apparently Mizuno Wave Tenjin does not want to become a style and no substance, Wave Tenjin was given the title of top-level support running shoes, after injection of the Mizuno and Lamborghini genes may become quite different.


A few weeks ago, Mizuno Wave Tenjin came to love burning editorial department, with four color models provoke office yelling, have come up with mobile phones Paipai Pai, visible appeal of this cross-border cooperation. But in my hands to send this equipment, limited only secondly, return to nature is the focus of the Mizuno Wave Tenjin.

Wave Tenjin integrated design concept Mizuno Running Shoes and a Lamborghini sports car, the concept of running shoes from Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4, while the coupe concept is from the Lamborghini Aventador SV. The Wave Tenjin total of four different colors, each color is black gold, red and green colors, white and green color red and green color, the first color from the color Lamborghini sports car, after three color is derived from the Italian flag s color.

I think even without the upper side of the Mizuno logo, I believe most people can recognize a place that is a pair of running shoes by Mizuno hand, the whole palm cushion Wave design no other home, non-none other than Mizuno, gold and Lamborghini bull flag were placed on prominent parts of the tongue, always showing a pair of running shoes difference.