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Find New Adidas Nitrocharge Bsketball Shoes Colorways

Posted by admin 26/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Adidas as the youngest series of shoes, Adidas Nitrocharge Berserker debut in 2013, and took over the original predator falcon position, as a main force of the property series, and for those who run on the pitch "perpetual motion machine" players Set The first generation of the Berserker only points 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 three levels, and the second generation of Berserker added a 4.0 entry, the original 3.0 will be promoted to intermediate models, that is, the protagonist of this evaluation. Positioning changes also brought the configuration of the upgrade, the following for everyone to bring a detailed introduction.

The most obvious change in the appearance of the Berserker is the upper and lower energies of the upper and the three stripe are almost perpendicular to the upper, and the area of ​​the energysling is larger and later moved. These changes make the overall design of Adidas Nitrocharge more uniform, but also based on the player for the previous works after the use of feedback and improved. Nitrocharge 3.0 TF for M29927, origin for Indonesia, 39 yards (JP245) of a single weight of 256.3 grams, moderate weight.

From the side you can see Adidas Football Boots Nitrocharge the toe part of the stereotypes or partial flat, if your toes hypertrophy upturned, then it will take some time to adapt. Waist part also has a clear adduction, not suitable for wide feet. And heel seems to be a little bit different, of course, this package will be better.


Overlooking the angle you can see the shoe slim, especially in the middle of the shoe body. Adidas Nitrocharge Upper Teflon material thickness of about 4.07 mm, although thick, but the fabric than the previous generation 3.0 to be more soft, dense traces to bring a compact package, the upper has a friction to enhance the coating, Do not worry about its performance in the force should be. And 3.0 this level of the back of the shoe is not equipped with a protective sponge, only embossed lines as decoration. The upper side of the sponge filled in place, the thickness of about 8.78 mm. Lining material from the previous generation of fabric upgrade to PU material, more locking.

Energysling energy tightening area is the representative character of the berserker character, white and blue color is very bright. 3.0 level, of course, not like the top models as the use of rubber material, replaced by a layer of TPU material, the surface of the three-dimensional embossing, both tighten the forefoot to prevent the loss of power and have a certain friction performance.

Tongue thickness of about 2.98 mm, and no special design, filled with sponge inside, comfortable and light. As with the f50 series, the nitrocharge series is also marked on the tongue for different grades.

Followed by a thickness of about 7.53 mm, moderate thickness. The higher heel is a major feature of the new Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0, and the larger parcel area offers more comprehensive protection, but Xiaobian worries that such a design will affect the flexibility of the ankle.
The design of the new TF at the end of the design of the edge have an over-treatment - spikes extended to the bottom of the edge, more conducive to the sideways to provide assistance when the grip and stability, thereby improving the TF has always given a clumsy impression.

The new Adidas Football Boots Nitrocharge has a long finish, so the length is different: the length of the forefoot is about 0.25 cm, the length of the middle spike is about 0.35 cm, and the length of the heel is about 0.4 cm. Spike is generally short and dense, we are worried that the TF end of the grip will be less than ideal.