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Comfortable Nike Free 5.0 Flyknit Running Shoes

Posted by admin 23/06/2017 0 Comment(s) Nike Running Shoes,

The lucky to participate in the 10th anniversary of NIKE FREE cum new conference, through the conference a deeper understanding of FREE barefoot series of past lives; from the first generation in 2004 to 2014, the new FREE, a shoe after ten years of continuous Innovation, there have been new technology to join, making the FREE series for more runners. At this point can not help but think of the PDCA cycle, perhaps here is not appropriate, but I feel FREE series is such a cycle, the cycle will be a product to the extreme; very much agree with Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman said That sentence: "All innovation is to fit the feet, not just to do a pair of shoes." This may be the core concept of NIKE, to create the most suitable pair of shoes that pair of shoes.


A new generation of FREE series pay more attention to Natural Motion natural rhythm concept, the liberation of feet, the feet woke up. "FREE series is a barefoot series running shoes, we can see NIKE 10 years ago to predict the barefoot is very popular in the past few years, Running the direction of running shoes, deserves to be the leading brand of running shoes industry.

FREE5.0 upper and 3.0, 4.0 different. 3.0 and 4.0 because of the light reasons, the upper use of the Nike Flyknit technology; FREE5.0 because it is a world with running shoes and barefoot shoes between the shoes, upper and other parts need more support protection, so the use of Is Nike Flywire dynamic fly line technology, thereby enhancing the support. Nike Flywire dynamic fly line technology at the same time has a good permeability and wrapping.


A new generation of FREE most worthy of the introduction of the heel of the hexagonal bending groove, this technology is NIKE called FREE series one of the three major innovations in the conference, NIKE experts said, "through the data analysis in the running foot is not Completely in the linear trajectory movement. ", Then consider what is really like this, for example, when I run before the front palm will be outward. NIKE engineers according to this point on the soles of the hexagonal bending cut, which is the history of NIKE first hexagonal curved groove outsole, so the advantage of cutting is to make the bottom of the activities more flexible to help runners Foot movement in any direction more comfortable, not because the soles are limited because of force.
FREE5.0 Flyknit In order to increase the soles of the anti-skid and wear resistance, easy to wear in the forefoot inside and behind the heel to wear a wear-resistant material, making the whole shoe non-slip and wear resistance has improved.


Shoes comfortable uncomfortable feet know, only run to understand, ran to be able to publish the real remarks, FREE5.0 has a total of 3 times the evaluation, the distance of 50KM. No time for the day, only to run into the evening, because it is the first time to wear FREE5.0, afraid of what is not suited, so the distance is set to 10KM or so, it is also appropriate to it.


FREE5.0 fit high, unprecedented soft and soft; NIKE running shoes soles are well known, but so light or the first experience. Running with a kind of feeling never before, feeling the heel card in a slot, a kind of barefoot feeling; it is estimated that this is one of the three major "imitation of the physiological structure of the shape of the heel." Lightweight and minimalist running shoes also through a lot, will involuntarily forced himself with the palm of the hand, forefoot to ask the arch, ankle and calf muscles enough strong, which is why the primary runners are not suitable for use Running shoes to run long distance reasons. Wear FREE5.0 I was followed by the first floor, with barefoot is a feeling, is it because FREE5.0 before and after the big gap? But I also compared the other near the front of my lightweight shoes, drop and FREE5.0 almost. The only explanation may be the shape of the physiological structure of the heel, simulated barefoot touch the ground when the feeling, not because of shoes and change their way of landing.
10KM night run very comfortable, in addition to tongue a little gegeodian outside (feet higher), there is no adaptation, but feel the foot more light, more freedom.