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Adidas Superstar hottest two pairs of shoes

Posted by admin 07/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

Adidas Superstar launch in 1969, driving the sports world for many years, Adidas Superstar series was originally designed for basketball as such, nothing to do with lifestyle, but after days of continuous improvement and development, the adidas Superstar series has been popular in all walks of life. Last words from the profile with a sporty began, various fashion show off the street to shoot pictures can see this Adidas Adidas X Stan Smith. Some people say this pair of shoes this spring Huobian the north and south parts of the world.
But when we are still immersed in the green Adidas Stan Smith hot, celebrating Superstar 45 anniversary Pharrell Williams jointly build and Adidas Originals Adidas Supercolor series release, Superstar fifty different models of pure tones spectacular. Anyway, the day of sale, the body of a small partner in the magazine and her photographer friends photographed, said to the magazine a pair of manpower, she took the pink, really put on the air show very ah. Compared rainbow Adidas Supercolor series, Adidas Originals Superstar is a model of retro wave shoes. But we must keep the white ah! Like Jay-Z this street style, shorts with Superstar conventional take the law. This guy behind the red cell is a look at the trend of human, shirt tie waist, this street shooting highlights. 45 anniversary of Superstar shoes usher in a new model release, adidas Originals on classic leather shoes to create punching, starting two color, in addition to Aqua fresh, there is a stunning full full red color, bring full of visual impact. Selection of suede material to punching process to create vamp, with its unique textured feel, the classic shell toe head element remains the same, a fresh new styling, adidas Originals counters will be landing shortly.